Co: Missioned Against the Darkness

Co: Missioned Against the Darkness

By Beth Marie Evans

We are living in dark spiritual times. However, there has never been a better time to let our light shine. In these days of spiritual wickedness, we can be a beacon of hope for a lost and dying world. We must position ourselves to stand in these perilous times. A soldier in God’s army must be walking in the Spirit, positioned to fight against the lawlessness sweeping across the land. Prayer is the weapon that will position us for the mission. We must begin our day co: missioned with Him. The reason Jesus taught us to go into a secret place to pray is that He wants us to build a strong, foundational relationship that will strengthen and enable us to accomplish His mission. Our relationship with God enables us to realize the importance of being unified in prayer with another believer, or a body of believers.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 says two are better than one. It is important to have someone who can walk with us in agreement, if we are to possess our souls. God is calling those who are willing to participate with Him in this battle against the darkness for the souls of mankind. We can take part in His mission to save the lost, and heal our land. Learning to walk together in this war is critical for survival and victory. The children of Issachar had an understanding of the times, and they knew how to keep rank in the march to battle with their brethren. Partnering in prayer with someone for accountability and power will make us strong in the day of battle.


    • that God would unite His people, and place those who will be most effective together strategically.
    • for a spirit of Unity to be present among us so we would be unified in prayer.
    • for every pastor, minister, and saint of God to have a vision and word from God that would give them clarity, understanding of the times, and direction. 
    • to bind lawlessness, and witchcraft in our government, and loose godly sorrow that leads to repentance. 
    • that our president, senate, congress, and judicial system would be unified in a common cause to create an environment where the will of God can be done. 
    • to bind gender confusion, suicide, hatred, and deception that are coming against our youth, and loose a love for God, and a hunger and thirst for righteous to the next generation. 
    • that a desire to give, and pray for missions would be imparted to God’s people, in order for the whole Gospel to reach the whole world. 
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