Friendship    By Saharai Malagon

“A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Prov. 17:17

Love is the essence of relationships.  We all need friends:  people that we can lovingly share moments, experiences, problems, knowledge, and feelings with.  People that at any moment, could give us a word of encouragement or exhort us with the truth.  These are people that love us, and whom we should love like Jesus loved us. (John 13:34)

The word friend is translated as communion and fellowship.  I would say that friendship is the mutual participation of each one of us, as part of the same body for the edification of the church.  That’s a great responsibility.

Today more than ever we need to develop friends in the church.  I believe that no one will make it to their final journey without the support of someone in the process.  We should develop friendships based on trust, transparency, and honesty.  They should be full of love and acceptance.  And even better that these are formed in the church, with whom we call our brethren, share a common purpose with, who make us better, and we are to edify the church with.

Perfection does not exist, but we have a perfect God who works in us, and through our friendships He sharpens us and perfects us each day.  Proverb teaches us, “Iron is made sharp with iron, and one man is made sharp by a friend.” (Prov. 27:17, NLV)

In order to sharpen a metal, friction and strength are required.  This gives the metal its purpose.  The proverb says that the same applies to men’s (people) relationships; they sharpen us.  The constant contact between us will produce friction, that will sometimes become disagreements, differences, conflicts.  But they also have the potential to become unity, strength, learning experiences, and purpose if we allow it to.  This will help us edify the church and ourselves.

You need me, I need you, but we both need Christ.  Christ needs us to show this world that there are still people that love, care, help, encourage, admonish, and teach.  Someone else did it for us and taught us to see the best in ourselves in order to reach other’s, so that His church can be edified.

Fraternal communion is crucial amongst us, we are an example and we have a commitment with this world to show them that God is real.  He is still looking to reach others so that they can also partake in this edification.

It’s your commitment and mine to be a friend like Christ has called us to be!

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